Interactive Installations

Game Concepts by Håkan Lidbo

Magnus Frenning has collaborated with Håkan Lidbo since early 2010th as a Technical Advisor/Creative Programmer/Assistant.

Their installations have been exhibited at e.g. Tekniska Museet Stockholm, Arlanda Airport, Avesta Art summer 2015, the festival “File São Paulo 2015”, Bonnier Art Center.
They were exhibited as “Play the Light” at Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre, in Mechelen Belgium.

Multisensory Music

Multisensory Music is a machine where the visitors create music by touching different surfaces and and each other. Music is expressed though interactive sounds, vibrations and synchronized animations, all arranged in 5 harmonies and in perfect synch.

Multisensory Music has been developed by Håkan Lidbo, Magnus Frenning, Dan Spegel, Göran Sandström, Romeo Brahaneastu and Daniela Brahaneastu. Prototyping by David Wätte/Spixa.

Musik med hela kroppen
Musik med hela kroppen

From MegaMind, Tekniska Museet, Stockholm Sweden
Music with your whole body. (Musik med hela kroppen)
It’s a musical instrument and a sculpture. With it, you can make music that you can hear, feel and see. Use your creativity to combine the sounds into music. If you like, you can do this in a group too. Developed in cooperation with Håkan Lidbo and with the support of the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency.” More about MegaMind.

In 2016 Tekniska Museet and “Music with your whole body” won the Mariano Gago Ecsite Strategic Partnership award to encourage creative and impactful work within the informal science education sector. “This project struck a chord with the Jury: it is an inspiring example of co-creation for the science engagement community.”

Big Beat

Big Beat is probably the largest drum machine in the World. It’s also some sort of choreographic machine, a place for social meetings and a game. Hold buttons to create rhythms. Find the tones hidden at certain beats and move to the next level.
BigBeat was exhibited at the festival “File São Paulo 2015“, Brasil.

Big Beat is built and programmed by Magnus Frenning, concept and sound design by Håkan Lidbo.
More about BigBeat.

InvisiBall InvisiBall

InvisiBall is a new game concept for two persons. It’s a game played in a pitch black room, blindfolded or by blind people. It includes 3-dimensional sounds, infrared sensors, accelerometer control and music. InvisiBall will be presented in various contexts in 2012.

InvisiBall is invented, composed and designed by Håkan Lidbo, developed and programmed by Magnus Frenning and Jonatan Liljedahl.
More about InvisiBall.

VIP (Synth controller) built and programmed by Magnus Frenning, concept and sound design by Håkan Lidbo.